Private Tom Wilson Johnson – 1st Lincolns

Private Wilson was injured several times and recommended for the D.C.M.

He was later discharged due to his war injuries.

He died the day after the war ended on 12 November 1918 from pneumonia and influenza. He is buried in an unmarked grave in North Warren Cemetery.

The Friends have raised funds for a headstone for his grave.

From the Gainsborough News 18th June 1915 GN 18.6.15.
(1st Lincolns)
Private T.W. Johnson, of 10 Beaufort Street, who is with the 1st Lincolns at the Front, is more than likely, we are glad to learn, to receive the D.C.M., and possibly the Victoria Cross, for a remarkably brave and self-sacrificing action.

He joined the 1st Lincolns twelve years ago, and was called up when war broke out. He came through Mons safely, also the Aisne and Ghent battles, and was wounded in the hand in Ypres on December 8th, returning again to the front on April 16th.

Since then he has been in the trenches. Last week he was recommended for the D.C. Medal for bravery on the field, and it is possible that a higher honour still may fall to him.

In attempting to bring back a wounded comrade to safety he lay under fire 34 hours, evidently under very slight cover, but so near to the German lines that he dare not move for the continual fusillade he was subjected to, and at one period the Germans actually hurled stones, shell fashion at him.

Eventually, after this long and exhausting period of waiting he succeeded in bearing his wounded comrade back to the British lines, being under fire all the time.

He heard nothing further of the matter until June 7th, when the officer commanding asked for his full name, and told him the reason-that he was recommended for the honour mentioned, and possibly might get something even higher.

Then the fact was read out to the men by his company officer, and the recommendation was despatched to the War Office. In his letter to his wife he modestly refers to the matter as follows:- “I was carried shoulder high, and all the men were pleased I had got something for my trouble.”

Private Tom Wilson Johnson
Private Tom Wilson Johnson
Private Tom Johnson
Private Tom Johnson
Order of Service for Private Johnson
Order of Service for Private Johnson